Bus Safety Week-6-12 November

6 Nov 2017 4:32 PM

NSW Bus Safety Week is being held from 6–12 November 2017 to highlight the importance of bus related safety issues for all road users. Bus Safety Week is organised by Transport for NSW as part of the ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign which aims to reinforce the road rules relating to buses to the community and promote safer on-road interactions between children, pedestrians, motorists, bicycle riders and buses.

Every day in NSW, hundreds of thousands of school children, workers and tourists use buses to get around and travel all or part of their journey to school and work or to explore our state. From 2012 to 2016, 29 people lost their lives and 474 people were seriously injured in bus crashes on NSW roads. Of these 29 fatalities, 13 were pedestrians, two were cyclists, eight drivers of other vehicles, two passengers of other vehicles, three bus passengers, one bus driver and a motorcyclist. Crashes involving buses often result in more severe outcomes to other road users due to their size and mass, and because due to their size and weight, they take more time to stop.

So now is a timely opportunity to have a conversation with your kids or grandchildren, or just refresh your own memory on what are the road rules regarding buses.

Remember, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian – buses can’t stop quickly, and, you must slow down to 40km/hr when lights are flashing on a bus. 

Bus Safety Week