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Extend Your Stay

Junee welcome all visitors and provides a popular place to visit for those who want to enjoy some of the treasures of historic Australia. With past and present merging together perfectly, why not extend your stay in Junee today.


Self Guided Drives

When visiting Junee using My AppVenture, don’t forget to add your very own self-guided tour opportunities to your list. Junee and its surrounding areas offer a heritage and history opportunity like no other. With your very own...


Self Guided Walks

Junee and its surrounding areas also provide some insight into the past with its self-guided walks. Using AppVenture you can easily make your way through the West Side before continuing through to the East Side to see how 2 very different men...


Bethungra Rail Spiral

An engineering feat constructed in the 1940s to allow rail engines to negotiate the steep slope. The Bethungra Spiral on the Sydney to Melbourne line, goes through two tunnels and over the top of the hill, through a big cutting at the spur.


Cycle Paths

When visiting Junee why not get your bicycle and take a ride along the cycle paths and enjoy the sun and the scenery of Junee. For those who love to cycle, since 2000 Junee has introduced a network of shared cycling and walking paths...