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Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory

If there’s one thing that everyone loves its chocolate. Junee’s Licorice and Chocolate Factory is a fantastic place to visit for those sweet tooths at heart.

The smell of licorice and chocolate when you enter the factory is something not to miss. Take a guided tour to see the operations of Green Grove Organics. For a 'hands on' experience why not make your very own giant chocolate freckle or get creative and design your own rocky road!

Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory

The Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory is located at the restored Junee Flour Mill, a historically rich landmark in the rural township of Junee, New South Wales.

Stretching over twenty metres into the Junee skyline is the historically rich Junee Flour Mill. Built in 1934-35, the Mill was not only a town landmark, but a major player in Junee’s industrial progress following the Great Depression.

The Factory produces a rapidly growing range of innovative, certified organic confectionaries increasingly being found in shops around Australia and overseas under the label Green Grove Organics.

All the products are coated in an Organic Belgian styled coverture chocolate. This differs tremendously from compound chocolate typically found in supermarkets. Coverture chocolate uses the whole of the cacao bean rather than substituting ingredients. this results ina luxuriously smooth and full flavoured chocolate that is extremely beneficial to your health. 


Always wanted to know what goes on in a Licorice & Chocolate Factory?

Relax to quality live music every weekend from 11am to 3pm.

The Junee Licorice & Chocolate team are proud of being involved in the fastest growing section of the world’s food industry, “organics” and hope to see you at the factory soon 

Open 7 days from 9am to 4pm.

Licensed restaurant open 9am to 4pm for breakfast and lunch.

Tours are conducted every hour on the hour from 10am with the last tour at 3pm.

Open every day except Christmas Day.

For more information please contact the Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory.

Keep updated on what’s on at the factory through their Facebook page