An Ideal Weekend for a Lifelong Escape

An Ideal Weekend for a Lifelong Escape

Make Tracks for Junee



Come meet our famous ghosts at the Monte Cristo Homestead. Not for the faint at....



Trains are an amazing engineering revolution of their time, and if you want to....



If there’s one thing that everyone loves its chocolate. Junee’s Licorice and Chocolate....


History & Heritage

Junees's history and heritage is truly something that is inspiring. From when it first....

Just like back in the day, Junee, NSW is a bustling hub, set against an elegant architectural backdrop, nestled amongst pleasantly rolling hills

Founded in the glory days of the New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR) and now home to some of the state’s most fitting tributes to those grand old locos, Junee happily combines old world charm with its modern lifestyle and culture. Why not take a walking tour and discover Australian history, through Junee. 

Junee Dedicated Mobility Access, Pathways and Public Buildings

Junee Council has put together an interactive map to help you to locate public toilets, mobility scooter and pram friendly paths, notable buildings and more. Click on the interactive map link to take you to the google map, where you can find dedicated mobility access pathways for getting around town easily.

Upcoming Athenium Events


We’ve highlighted some of the upcoming Athenium Events in this short video. Click and enjoy.

Athenium Events Video