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Junee Public School

Junee Public School serves the community of Junee and outlying rural areas. The school has a proud history dating back to 1880. Our heritage buildings are a character feature in the centre of town. Within these buildings you’ll find the most modern, state of the art and extra spacious classrooms for our new generation of learners.

Junee Public School has an excellent student welfare and discipline code. There is an emphasis on positive outcomes which enrich a warm, caring and supportive school environment and allows students to implement the school motto, “Play The Game.” Junee Public School provides quality education in order to develop academic, personal, social, physical, technological and cultural abilities of all students.

The school has developed and instituted a beautification program to ensure that its grounds are appealing to both the school and local community. Parental and community involvement is encouraged within the school.

The school works together well with parental bodies in order to provide the best educational opportunities for each and every pupil so that they may achieve their full potential and have positive feelings of self and community worth so they in turn can contribute and adapt successfully to an ever changing society. 

Junee Public School