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Looking for a tree change?

Top ten reasons to move to Junee, NSW


If you’re dreaming of a simpler life, you might be considering a move to regional NSW. Here are the top ten reasons you should choose Junee, the jewel of the Riverina. 

10. A tree change to a better pace and place

When you drive into Junee, you’ll feel the city stress melt away. Residents of Junee live a modern life in a vibrant town, at a pace they choose. Tempered by traditional values, Junee will welcome you home to all the services, infrastructure and amenities you’ve come to expect in a place where the pace is just right for you. And unlike other tree change options, Junee offers plenty to keep your whole family amused and busy! 


9. A tree change to a bit of peace

Hear that? Neither do we. Shut out the noise of the city and raise your family the way you’ve always wanted to. Junee is the best place in regional NSW to give your kids space to run around, climb trees and explore. They’ll be exhausted at the end of the day after all that fresh air. That peace and quiet is sounding good, isn’t it?

8. A tree change to a better price

You won’t believe what your money can buy in Junee, NSW. Whether you’re buying a home, groceries or a meal at one of the fabulous Junee restaurants Junee is a place where prices REALLY are down! Affordable utilities, fresh food, school fees and entertainment mean you’re more likely to save some money, something that’s near impossible in the city. Junee real estate has some excellent opportunities for first home buyers and investors alike. How does a brand-new, four bedroom home for under $360,000 sound? Sounds like another great reason for a tree change!


7. A tree change to a close community

If you remember a time when your neighbours were like a part of your family you’ll know how much better life was. Life IS like this in Junee! Studies have shown that people who know and trust their neighbours are more likely to report better health. Move to Junee, NSW and discover a safer, healthier and more vibrant community. 

6. A tree change to great schools

You don’t have to give up the best education when you leave the big city. Junee has five excellent schools, three nearby TAFE institutes (Wagga Wagga, Cootamundra and Temora) as well as Charles Sturt University a short distance down the road, providing you and your kids first-rate education opportunities on your doorstep. 


5. A tree change to excellent infrastructure and facilities

Junee has access to all the best amenities and professionals as well as excellent government services, communications and transport infrastructure. Junee Shire Council is progressive and proactive. You’ve got the best of everything right here in Junee so you won’t have to give up your city comforts. 

4. A tree change to heritage and culture

Junee has a rich history that harks back to the gold rushes of the 1800s. Combine that with the NSWGR railway heritage and the proud, grand history which can still be seen in the architecture and charming streetscape, and you’ll love waking up in Junee every day. You’ll feel part of the rich tapestry of the past that can be experienced when you move to regional NSW


3. A tree change to plenty of jobs in Junee

Leave that two-hour commute behind and do what you do best right here. Whatever your skill set, Junee has a job that will pay you well. Help this vibrant economy grow, take advantage of the skills shortage and let Junee take care of you and your family. 

2. A tree change for plenty to see and do

Sacrifice nothing in Junee. You’ll love the local café and restaurant scene. Graze restaurant, located in the historic Junee flour mill, is a delicious option for a long, relaxed lunch. Catch up for some cake and coffee with friends at the delightful Railway Refreshment rooms. Experience the culture and history of the Railway Roundhouse Museum, the largest operating roundhouse in the Southern Hemisphere. Discover the colourful past and social history of Junee in the Broadway Museum. Soak in the essence of Kaybunda Lavender Farm. Get spooked at Monte Cristo Homestead. Look forward to the Rhythm ‘n’ Rail festival every year. Every day provides a chance to get sidetracked in Junee. 


And the NUMBER 1 reason to make a tree change to Junee, NSW…CHOCOLATE!

The award-winning Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory makes Junee a very home-SWEET-home! With organic licorice and Belgian-style chocolate on your doorstep, surely this is the ONLY reason you need to move to Junee! The Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory is a big tourist draw-card too, bringing plenty of tourism dollars, which stimulates the local economy. It’s official – chocolate is good for you!