Bethungra Rail Spiral

An engineering feat constructed in the 1940s to allow rail engines to negotiate the steep slope. The Bethungra Spiral on the Sydney to Melbourne line, goes through two tunnels and over the top of the hill, through a big cutting at the spur.

This is the largest example of a 360 degree spiral in Australia.

To get there, drive through Bethungra township on the road to Cootamundra. About five minutes out of Bethungra look for the three tiers of railway line on the right hand side of the road. On the right is a dirt road, follow the dirt road to the car park with the gate, park and then walk to the railway.

CountryLink trains pass through the spiral on their way to Junee. You can find timetables on the CountryLink website.

A working scale model of the spiral can be seen at the Broadway Historical Museum