Junee Roundhouse 75th Anniversary

Long Weekend in October, 2022

Over the long-week-end in October, The Roundhouse Museum will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the official opening of the Historic Junee Roundhouse.

We would like every organisation and business in the Shire to be part of this “festival” and whatever you do to attract and entertain visitors to the town will benefit not only you, but the whole Shire.

We ask that you join us in whatever capacity you can or want to.

All we ask is that you let us know what you will be doing and where, so that we can include you in our program that will be advertised world- wide.

Stalls, open businesses, markets etc., etc., etc. please think of different things to attract people.

We have been asked if we would have a STREET PARADE?  If your business or organisation would be interesting in participating in a street parade please let us know by mid-February so that we can start getting permission from authorities to close off roads etc. as this takes months to organize.

Your thoughts and ideas would be most welcome and I ask that you discuss this widely and get back to us at the Roundhouse Museum by the end of February at the latest so we can get the advertising out to the world.


The adults will still have the catch-up with friends and family that the show affords each year without the added pressure of having to rush off to do something. That is one of the reasons shows were originally started many many moons ago. 

Schedules are available to download from www.illabo.org.au