Come meet our famous ghosts at the Monte Cristo Homestead. Not for the faint at heart, the Monte Cristo Homestead has scared many a traveller.

 Come on a ghost tour or stay the night at the homestead if you think you can handle it. If you’re lucky you may see Mrs Crawley the wife of Mr Crawley who built the homestead, the young stable boy who was killed when his mattress was set alight, or you may even see the mentally unstable handicapped boy who was chained to the back of the cottage for 30 years. From time to time people have also seen servants that once walked the halls. Love paranormal activity? Experience the best in NSW at the Monte Cristo Homestead and haunted house in Junee! 


Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo was built in 1884 and the historic homestead has been fully restored in High Victorian Style.
The historic (and some say most haunted house in Australia) late Victorian mansion Monte Cristo was the centre of society for the pastoralists and merchants of the bustling town of Junee.

Privately owned, the mansion, stables and outbuildings double as a museum with an astounding antique collection.

The renowned haunted mansion commands panoramic views of the whole area.

If you dare you can join one of the night ghost tours, but be quick as spaces fill fast.

While you are there, pay a visit to the Monte Cristo Doll Museum. Be amazed as you wander through the extensive collection of old, new and handmade dolls, but keep your eyes open as not all the dolls are as cute as they may appear. 

Ghost tours and group tours must book. No bookings required for self-guided tours.

Homestead open Friday to Monday for tours from 10 am to 4 pm and every day in the NSW school holidays (except Christmas Day)